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Chill Your Dogs on 4th July • Mirror Daily

Keep your dogs calm on the 4th of July.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Veterinarians warn dog owners that their dogs won’t have as much fun as people during the fireworks show on the 4th of July.

Many other animals become scared when they hear booms, whizzes, and pops from the fireworks. For them it’s like a trigger that they are in danger so they will try to hide or worse, they will show aggressive behavior.

Also, they are unaware what the source of the noise is, and they will panic without knowing what to do. According to Susan Nelson, Kansas State University clinical associate professor, and veterinarian, people are advised to prevent their pets from hearing the noises from outside by keeping them indoors and secured.

They can keep curtains drawn to prevent the pets from seeing the flashes in the sky, and to keep their windows closed to reduce the sound intensity. People who have basements can keep their pets there with the TV or radio turned on to distract them from the fireworks noise.

Veterinarians also recommend pet owners who have dogs who are terrified of fireworks to use the medication in order to calm the animals. Pet anxiety can be observed in pets staying very close to their owners, hiding underneath objects, showing an instinct of jumping through an open window or door, having no interest in eating, rapid pacing back and forth, a furrowed brow, and showing signs of heavy panting.

Nelson underlines that in this cases it is clear that your pet might be suffering from a noise phobia. But anti-anxiety medications will make them feel comfortable and calm. In the worst case scenario, veterinarians allow pet owners to use a small dose of sedative to calm their dogs.

However, people should always consult a veterinarian before taking any decision regarding their pets, especially when it comes to anti-anxiety medication including sedatives and drugs.

And even if some dogs are not afraid of fireworks sounds, pet owners should never have their dogs around them when they light the fireworks. This could trigger a particular type of behavior in the dog, causing the animal to run and fetch used materials from fireworks.

In this situation, dogs can severely hurt themselves as these materials might be very hot or on fire. Worse, there is always the risk that the animal might accidently ingest them and even die.

According to Cate McManus from Dallas Animal Services, anyone who notices a stray pet on the streets should not approach it because it might manifest a defensive behavior. Your best bet is to contact the local animal services, and they will send qualified people who will take care of the confused animal.

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