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China Takes Pride in Its Great Radio Telescope • Mirror Daily

China’s great radio telescope is bigger than the one in Puerto Rico (picture above)

(Mirror Daily, United States) Chinese scientists are very pleased with FAST, which is short for Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope. They finished building their great radio telescope this summer, and now, they are ready to put it to the test. It seems like space will be devoid of all its dark secrets thanks to the new impressive device from China.

The great radio telescope was presented to the world during a special ceremony, which occurred on Sunday, September 25. The apparatus measures more than one thousand feet (1,640, to be precise) and has over four thousand panels. Its size make it the largest radio telescope in the world, and its features outrank many other similar products.

Now that the time of the premiere has past, the great radio telescope will be put to the test. However, although the trial period has barely started, FAST has already proved its efficiency. One of its first victories is the discovery of a pulsar, which is a star that produces a particular radio signal.

The first star discovered by FAST is located at no less than 1,351 light years away from us. According to developers, the radio telescope is designed to track thousands and thousands of such celestial bodies. However, scientists are looking forward to unexpected discoveries from the high-tech device.

The Chinese researchers have great plans for their great telescope. If it can track radio signals from stars such as pulsars, they could also track other types of radio signals. Experts believe that they could even discover forms of alien life thanks to FAST. They are positive that if there are other civilizations out in space, their great radio telescope will be able to provide them with evidence.

The great Chinese telescope is located in the Guizhou province. Researches chose this place because of the natural advantages of the region. It is a karst region which prevents radio signals to interfere with the activity of the telescope.

Chinese researchers intend to put FAST to good use to the benefit of the entire scientific community. Specialists describe the activity of the great radio telescope as being similar to the way a very sensitive ear functions. However, as opposed to our hearing organ, the telescope will carefully listen to the cosmic noises of the universe.

The hopes of Chinese scientists are high regarding their most recent invention. FAST is expected to provide accurate information on the processes that happen in the universe. Many theories could find their confirmation thanks to the great Chinese radio telescope.

Image courtesy of: Wikipedia

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