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Chinese Vlogger Poisons Herself on Live Broadcast After Mistaking Agave Leaves for Aloe Vera • Mirror Daily

Ms. Zhang, a vlogger from China, accidentally poisoned herself with agave leaves

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A vlogger from China got poisoned while she was livestreaming, as she mistook a plant for aloe vera and ate it. The plant was in fact Agave Americana, which is highly poisonous.

The 26-year-old vlogger, known as Ms. Zhang, was broadcasting a live video called Aloe Vera Feast, in which she wanted to show the benefits of the plant. Therefore, she brought out two big leaves of a dark green color, which closely resembled aloe vera leaves.

The vlogger mistook agave leaves for aloe vera

Then, she took a bite out of one leaf, but noticed something strange. The plant had a striking bitter taste, which is quite unusual for aloe vera. Afterwards, it became clear that she didn’t bite an aloe vera leaf, but Agave Americana, a poisonous plant full of irritants.

Some time after she took the bite, she reported that her body got covered in blisters and rashes, and her stomach started pumping bits of the plant. Therefore, she had to be rushed to the emergency room. It is not clear if the video was real or not, but it still highlights the dangers of doing such experiments.

The agave plant is extremely toxic

The sap in the agave plant contains plenty of substances which are bad for the human body. These include saponins, acrid oils, and crystals of calcium oxalate. Also, many other substances from its composition are toxic, and plenty of studies document its harmful effects.

However, the agave can be used with culinary purposes. Its fermented pulp is the main ingredient of tequila and mescal, but it has to be thoroughly prepared before being ingested. On the other hand, aloe is completely harmless and leads to no side effects. Many fitness bloggers and nutrition gurus add aloe vera leaves to salads and smoothies, but usually after peeling them first.
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