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Cincinnati Convict Wanted for Impersonating a Judge and a Detective • Mirror Daily

A Cincinnati convict managed to escape from the authorities after he impersonated a judge and a detective.

On the subject of things you don’t read about every day, we give you the story of James Eagle, a 23-year-old man from Cincinnati, who managed to get out of jail after impersonating a judge on the phone. The man was initially sentenced to a few months in prison for charges that stemmed from fleeing a crash site.

The Cincinnati Convict Poses As Magistrate

According to the Cincinnati authorities, the details of James Eagle’s case could be considered humorous, if not for their troubling legal implications. The man’s scuffle with the authorities began last week, shortly after Eagle became involved in car accident.

His affidavit mentions that after producing a minor traffic accident, the man managed to flee the scene and to switch his car plates with stolen ones. However, the authorities managed to detain him on a $5,000 bond. But this is hardly the end of Eagle’s story.

While being held at a Cincinnati prison, the convict used his phone privilege to make several calls. And, masquerading as Judge Richard Bernat, Eagle managed to convince the authorities that he has been granted an OR bond, meaning that he was to be released only if he promised to show up for his trial.

To Eagle’s misfortune, the phone call was recorded, and the authorities managed to outsmart him. A Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson declared that Eagle’s attempt to get out of prison was quite original, but, at the end of the day, his plans were thwarted by the authorities.

James Eagle Employs the Scheme Once More

The next day, James Eagle, the Cincinnati convict, was released from prison after he paid ten percent of his bond. However, not everyone considered Eagle’s performance amusing. On early Friday, a Cincinnati detective signed an arrest warrant bearing Eagle’s name. The detective wanted James Eagle arrest for his attempt to get out of jail by impersonating a judge.

However, the ex-convict was one step ahead of the authorities. Shortly after the detective left the room after informing Eagle about his new charges, the man hopped on the phone and contacted the Warrants Department. This time, he posed as the Cincinnati detective. He told the Warrants Department that his warrant was wrong and should be voided.

According to Mike Robinson, a Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, this time the Cincinnati convict managed to convince the authorities to cut him loose. And now, after impersonating a judge to get out of jail and posing as a detective to clear his name, the individual disappeared.

Image source: Flickr

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