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Clever Ravens Are Able to Make Plans Just Like Apes • Mirror Daily

Researchers discovered raven have amazing planning skills

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Previous studies showed not only humans, but also certain animals species are capable of making plans. It is not so unusual to know that apes have this skill, but it seems they’re not the only ones. A more unlikely species in the same category is ravens, as discovered by a team of Swedish scientists.

How clever are ravens?

It is well known that ravens and other related birds from the same family are clever. This is why researchers were curious if they are able to get ready for upcoming events. They set up several experiments where the birds had to perform different tasks, which they are not normally used to in the wilderness.

Researchers put the ravens at test with different tools and bartering, and looked if they were able to plan ahead of their actions. Then, they performed the same tests of great apes. The birds could get treats if they were able to open the boxes containing them.

These birds have amazing planning skills

Therefore, scientists trained them to use rocks as tools. They had to drop a rock through a tube, and then the treat box opened. Afterwards, they looked if ravens were able to pick up the right tool from a series of other objects, and keep it for a later use.

Initially, researchers waited for 15 minutes between offering tools to the ravens and then giving them the box to open. This rendered an 86 percent success rate. Then, they waited for 17 hours between these two actions, and the success rate increased. Also, the animals were trained to collect certain items to trade them for food, and they learned how to pick up only those which would bring them food, and stack them up for a future trade.

Therefore, it seems that evolution taught ravens to make plans. However, they couldn’t settle only on one theory regarding this social behavior and complex organizing skills. All the results are present in a study in the journal Nature.
Image Source: Public Domain Pictures

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