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Coder Added Software Escape Key to MacBook Pro • Mirror Daily

A coder from New York managed to “replace” MacBook Pro’s missing Escape Key.

After countless of MacBook Pro protested that Apple’s newest Gizmo lacks a physical Escape Key, an amateur coder from New York managed to find an ingenious workaround.

To refresh your memory a bit, Apple’s MacBook Pro with Touch Bar was announced back in October. While most of Apple’s fans were thrilled to hear about the new gizmo, which features a fully functional touch system, some of them were skeptic about the so-called Touch Bar.

Well, it would seem that their fears were somewhat justified. The new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is shiny, slim, very responsive to touch, but the designers overlooked one tiny detail – adding a physical Escape Key.

Of course, Apple’s fans were not that forgiving, taking a turn to criticize the company for their lack of commitment towards the customer, and, of course, to crack jokes about the product itself. Probably one of the most amusing jokes about MacBook Pro’s touch bar comes from an Apple fan from Manhattan who said that when lunch time comes around, the Touch Bar transforms into a salad bar.

A fan from the Old Continent said that the Touch Bar is so functional, that the company is sure to find a way to put ads on it.

In addition, another user from the US published a video on YouTube in which he showed his followers how to deal with MacBook Pro’s shortcoming. The user actually wired a physical Escape Key to the slim device – you know the saying: “if it works, it isn’t stupid”.

Another user, this time from New York, came up with an ingenious solution that doesn’t involve wiring physical keys. Brian Michael, the owner of a startup called Ando, wrote the code for an iOS application which basically allows you to connect your iPad and iPhone to the laptop and to use the Escape Key.

When the device is connected to the laptop, the Escape Key will appear on your handheld device. The application is called ESCapey, and it can be download for free on Apple’s online store.

While many users appreciated Michael’s approach, the amateur coder said that app itself is garbage, and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Furthermore, Brian Michael stated that he wrote the code in order to amuse itself and that we should treat the app accordingly.

Image source: Pixabay

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