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Coffee Drinkers Seem to Live Longer • Mirror Daily

Coffee has many health benefits and prolongs life

(Mirror Daily, United States) – An extensive study looked for benefits of coffee, and brought us more reasons to enjoy this refreshing beverage. Researchers encourage us to drink it, as those who consume it every day are more likely to live longer than those who don’t.

The study concentrated on European people, and looked at more than 520,000 participants older than 35 from 10 countries. They had to fill in several questionnaires on their diet and their lifestyle, and researchers kept an eye on them for 16 years. After this period, 42,000 of these people died of several causes.

More coffee leads to a longer life

These people had various causes of death, such as cancer, stroke, or heart failure. After looking at their lifestyle, researchers observed a connection between longevity and a higher coffee consumption. Those who drank the beverage in higher quantities every day were less likely to die. Even the decaffeinated version contributed to a lower risk.

Afterwards, researchers took 14,000 of these participants and continued studying their condition. This is how they came to the conclusion they actually led much healthier lives. Coffee drinkers seem to keep better control of their glucose levels in the body than non-coffee drinkers.

The beverage brings many health benefits

Also, the death risk from any cause decreased, but the risks were the smallest in case of digestive or circulatory causes. The beverage is also good for the liver, since drinkers have a better hepatic function and immune responses.

The results were uniform across all 10 countries in the study, regardless of their coffee drinking habits. Also, they are consistent with other studies from US or Japan. However, scientists couldn’t tell which coffee components are good for health.

Also, since the research is mainly observational, they cannot yet advise people on how much of the hot beverage they should drink. One thing is clear. Drinking coffee moderately is not bad for your health, and can bring you many benefits.
Image Source: Pixabay

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