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College Board Apologizes for SAT Printing Error, Student Will Not Be Affected • Mirror Daily

SAT exam books have a different time interval allotted for each section.

Based on an official press release issued by the national educational institution, the College Board Apologizes for SAT Printing Error, Student Will Not Be Affected, the committee reassured. The mistake was signaled by the U.S. educational facilities conducting the tests after noticing that students were allotted a different time interval than it was initially expected.

Students across the United States have taken part in the national evaluation program on June 6. The SAT books, however, contained a printing error which might now affect students’ scores. More specifically, the time interval allotted for the solving of a given section on the SAT books was set to 25 minutes instead of 20 minutes, as the rules say.

The College Board was forced to adopt new measures after the printing error has been signaled by many educational institutions taking the test on June 6. Students were particularly interested to find out what will happen with their tests now that the time interval has not been correctly observed.

The College Board published an official statement on their website on Monday afternoon. The committee apologized for the SAT printing error and reassured students that they will adopt the best measures to avoid any possible problems and inconveniences.

Based on the press release, the section that was attributed an incorrect time interval will not be taken into consideration for the total scores. The board concluded the declaration by saying that the commission has sufficient data to correctly score students without the answers they have provided on that specific section.

As one might expect, the board’s decision triggered a powerful wave of discontent on behalf of students and professors, who have been preparing for the SAT exam for a long period of time. In their opinion, the new SAT scoring can and will most likely affect students as they might have provided good answers in that particular section.

The SAT board college, however, claims that the SAT tests were purposefully designed to cover all sorts of unexpected incidents, such as the recent printing error. They have provided numerous examples of cases when the SAT exam may not be properly conducted, such as, for instance, power outages and fire drills.

Scores will be provided within the same deadline, the commission has further added in the end of their official statement. Additional information may be found on the official website of the College Board.
Image Source: Trinity News Daily

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