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Colorado Mayor Says No to Marijuana Legalization • Mirror Daily

The mayor says that the law from 2012 for marijuana legalization has caused many problems since it was first adopted.

(Mirror Daily, United States)- Colorado’s mayor is telling his citizen not to vote for the marijuana legalization. Even though he says no to marijuana, many people from Colorado want to keep the law from 2012.

The mayor says that the law from 2012 has caused many problems since it was first adopted. For instance, the  level of criminal activity has grown and so did the rate of teenager drug use and abuse. He also mentioned that now probably fewer people will agree with this law now, but it won’t be repealed.

The mayor completed that the normal citizens can’t see the difference but the ones in higher positions, like those who run the city and those in law enforcement, see it.

Proposition 205 is the one that made the mayor and a police officer come together for preventing it to get voted saying that the law in 2012 has already damaged the city enough.

The mayor, Suthers, mentioned that the people in Arizona should wait 2 more years before they make any decision, then, after the law of 2012 celebrates 5 years, they can see the difference.

If Proposition 205 is voted, it will allow the people to receive marijuana at their homes.

The president of the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, John Ortolano, says that Arizona should not make the same mistake as Colorado when voting these types of laws. He also mentioned that he is concerned with the safety of the citizens.

To provide more information he showed a study that was published last year. In the study, 865 people from Washington and Colorado were questioned. They used marijuana in the past month, and 43 percent of them admitted that they drive under its influence in the last year.

“There is no doubt that in this state that if Proposition 205 passes that more citizens in our state are going to be killed by people that are driving under the influence of drugs,” Ortolano said

Suthers gave an alternative to this law. He said that small amounts of marijuana could be allowed, for personal use. This could mean that anybody can smoke and carry no more than an ounce of drug and get away with only a fine.

What is your opinion about the marijuana legalization in Arizona?

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