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Common Spider Killed a Deadly Snake • Mirror Daily

The picture was taken by an Australian farmer and posted on social media where it became viral.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Everything is possible in Australia, and the latest viral photo that shows that a common spider killed a deadly snake only proves this theory. Patrick Less, an Australian farmer snapped the curious photo of a very common “Daddy Long Leg” spider preparing to feast on a venomous and much bigger brown snake.

According to the internet, everything is trying to kill you in Australia, and the picture depicting the fact that a common spider killed a deadly snake is proof of that. One of the most common internet “credos” is that Australia is crawling with creatures that are constantly trying to kill you. Of course, there are exceptions like the red panda and, well, the red panda.

Flora and fauna and climate in Australia are indicators that the people there are survivors by nature. Everything on the continent is deadlier than it looks, even the koala is known to attack from time to time. And if you’re thinking about kangaroos, don’t. The cute marsupials that we see in movies and commercials are in fact wallabies and they are rather shy. The kangaroos that sometimes walk the streets of Australian towns bear a resemblance to Dwayne Johnsons and they have a WWE character as well.

A recent photo depicting how a common spider killed a deadly snake went viral these days. The spider in question is the most common spider in the world, and one of the few harmless arachnids on the planet. But we are talking about Australia, so it is possible that the tiny spider modified its diet to better accommodate giant snakes rather than flies and other small insects.

The pholcidae spider also known as daddy-long-legs, or carpenter spider, vibrating spider, granddaddy long-legs, daddy long-legger or the cellar spiders has an average body of 2 to 10 mm long and its feet can reach up to 50 mm, which is half a centimeter.

Not even the web of the pholcidae is as dangerous as other spiders’ because it doesn’t present any sticky properties. It just features a very complicated design that doesn’t allow insects to escape it once they get tangled inside it.

On the other hand, the brown snake is a venomous Australian snake that can release a mixture of coagulants and neurotoxins which are able to kill a grown adult in a matter of minutes. By comparison, the daddy long-legs hides in a dark corner when it feels threatened. Sometimes it spins really fast on his web to distract potential predators.

Lees believes that the spider is too small and harmless to have killed the snake in combat, but whatever happened, in the end, the spider won.

A common spider killed a deadly snake, in Australia, the actual land of all possibilities.

Image source: Facebook

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