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Confirmed Leprosy Case in South California School • Mirror Daily

Confirmed Leprosy Case in South California School

(Mirror Daily, United States) The alleged leprosy cases turned into one confirmed leprosy case in one of South California’s schools. The educational institution is Indian Hills Elementary School in Jurupa Valley, and two of its students were diagnosed with the disease.However, out of them, only one has been recently confirmed by health officials.

The news of the leprosy cases started to spread earlier this month when parents announced the school’s authorities about the children’s condition. What followed was a mutual concern, with the kids being kept at home by parents who were worried about the risk of infection. However, both health and school officials assured parents back then, as well as they do now, that their children will be safe at school.

The announcement about the confirmed leprosy case comes from the National Hansen’s Disease Laboratory Research Program in Baton Rouge. Specialists inform parents and teachers that there is no danger of infection with this disease in modern days. The confirmed leprosy case is an exception that took everyone by surprise.

School authorities have already taken action to disinfect the classrooms. This comes only as a caution measure, as neither the teachers nor the students face the risk of contamination with the disease. There shouldn’t be any doubt that the classrooms are safe environments for children.

There are rare leprosy cases in the United States. According to statistics, about one hundred fifty cases are reported every year. The low rate is due to the fact that the immune system can fight the disease, which saves people in more than ninety percent of the cases. However, the disease is much more frequent in other parts of the world, including Angola, Brazil, and India.

Leprosy can be treated and controlled. Specialists explain that classmates and teachers can’t get infected if they have contact with the patient. The disease needs a prolonged contact to be transmitted to other people, so the most exposed people to this risks are the members of the patient’s family.

Doctors inform people that treatment can eliminate now the bacterium which causes leprosy. The disease ceases to be contagious within days after the first administration of the treatment. It can take more than a year before the medicine can eradicate the infection from the organism of patients.

Officials from the school announced other parents about the current situation of their student. Parents were also reminded that they shouldn’t worry about the health of their children.

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