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Consumers Dissatisfied With Obamacare Turn to Term Health Insurance Plans • Mirror Daily

More and more of the citizens enrolled for the Obamacare – the Affordable Care Act – have expressed their deep dissatisfaction with their health insurance coverage, which prompts them to turn to private health insurance plans.

One of the most sought-after,, has reaped the effects of said dissatisfaction, as millions of people realize that term health insurance plans might be – ironically – a more affordable option than Obamacare.

Dissatisfaction among Obamacare subscribers has been recorded by a recent study conducted by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, an organization that set out to take the pulse of the nation on the matter. According to their report, only 30 percent of citizens enrolled in Obamacare have expressed contentment with their current health plans.

Compared with satisfaction levels reported by enrollees in other health insurance coverage – including Medicare and Medicaid – the nation’s reaction to Obamacare has been going from bad to worse.

One of the key dissatisfaction drivers when it comes to Obamacare plans is the price. More than 35 percent of responders in the Deloitte survey reported they felt they were paying too much for their health plan.

Besides having to make premium payments, Obamacare subscribers are also prone to paying high deductibles, with the exception of those who qualify for cost-sharing subsidies or those who pay for a platinum or high-end gold plan.

Consumers are also unhappy with the limited range of provider networks included in the plan. As discovered by study from Avalere, Obamacare plans turned out to offer 34 percent fewer providers than other commercial health plans. In other words, chances were a lot higher that patients would have to pay full price if they preferred doctors or hospitals out of network.

Consequent to the increase dissatisfaction with Obamacare, more people prefer term health insurance plans, which sometimes turn out to be up to 70 percent less expensive on average than the Obamacare plans. Additionally, they tend to include a broader offer of provider networks, and they are open for enrollment throughout the year, rather than just on predefined periods.

The rise in costumers experienced by, among other providers, is easier to explain in such a context. According to CEO Bruce Telkamp, consumer awareness of the cost advantages of term health insurance is one of the drivers that increased the popularity of term health plans. is the first dedicated site that aims to help consumers understand how term health insurance works and what are the benefits. Accessing the site allows users to compare review plans and costs online, in addition to all-year-round enrollment period in case they find a plan that meets their needs.
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