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Create Whimsical Cartoons with Google’s Toontastic 3D • Mirror Daily

Called Toontastic 3D, Google’s application is a great education tool for children and a great stress-reliever for adults.

(Mirror Daily, United States)-Feeling creative but tired of drawing only doodles? Then you will definitely be delighted to find out that Google just launched a new mobile application that will allow you to create your own cartoon. Called Toontastic 3D, Google’s application is a great education tool for children and a great stress-reliever for adults.

So, what is Toontastic 3D and what does it do? In simpler terms, Toontastic 3D is a great way to let your imagination roam free and create dozens of animated characters and whimsical worlds. Thanks to Toonstastic 3D’s clever design, you won’t need to be an artist to create your own cartoon.

If you don’t know a thing about drawing characters or world object, then you are free to choose anything you want from the application’s massive library. As far as characters are concerned, although the application does allow you to draw your own protagonist, you would be wise to peek inside the app’s templates.

Depending on what kind of story you want to tell, you can choose between pirates, aliens, soldiers, and even robots. In addition to having a library stocked with goodies, Google’s Toontastic 3D also has powerful animations features.

Giving life to your characters is as easy as adding new icons to your computer’s desktop – just choose the appropriate animation and drag it to your character. It’s that easy!
Of course, the application has pro features as well, which allow the user to further personalize their makeshift cartoon.

Running out of inspiration? Not a problem. Google’s latest doodling application has a cool feature called the Idea Lab. Basically, it’s a big hall of fame thingy, where users post their cartoons. You can use this Idea Lab to get those creative juices flowing or just to have a couple of laughs with your friends and family.

When you’re ready, you can export the cartoon to your device’s storage, post it on your favorite social media channel, or send it to someone via e-mail.

What’s even more amazing is that Google’s application is free and it has absolutely no in-app purchases, which makes it a great choice for children.

Are you bored of having to watch animations created by other people? Then why not try your hand at creating your very own and personal animation. To get started, head over to Google Play, and download the Toontastic 3D application.

Image source: Pixabay

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