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Dachshund with Broken Back Found a New Home • Mirror Daily

The dachshund puppy found a loving family

Frances, the cute dachshund who was discovered last week lying with a broken back in a garbage bag, has found a new home and adoptive family. After being saved and treated by Pennsylvania’s SPCA, the dog was put up for adoption, and, in no time, found a loving and caring family who looks past his infirmity.

Make no mistake – Frances’s story is a sad one, and it shows us how cruel and self-centered human beings can be. According to SPCA’s spokespersons, while passing a trashcan, an individual heard a whimpering sound coming from inside it. The individual stopped, opened the trashcan, and looked inside it. The image he saw was equally appalling and heartbreaking.

Inside a tied-up garbage bag, the individual found a tiny dachshund, dirty, and unable to move. Seeing that the dog was in distress, the individual immediately contacted the local SPCA in order to save the animal.

The animal rescue crew arrived shortly and took the poor dog to a vet clinic for treatment. According to the doctors, the dachshund sustained an irreparable spinal injury, and, judging by her condition, she must have laid in the trash bag for at least two days.

Unfortunately, the vets were not able to restore the dog’s mobility, but they offered her a tiny wheelchair. After a couple of days of treatment, Frances, the abandoned dachshund was back on her feet, running around the clinic.

The vets who worked with Frances stated that despite her infirmity, the dog is playful, curious, and like to be the center of attention. Apart from treating her injuries, the SPCA workers also managed to find Frances a new home and a loving family.

The family who adopted the dog declared that she’s a spunky one, and likes nothing better than to run around the house. They’ve also said that Frances’s infirmity doesn’t stop her from being a happy a dog.

Meanwhile, the SPCA members are trying to track down the person or person who abandoned the dachshund in the trash can. At this moment, it’s still uncertain whether Frances’s infirmity is the result of a birth defect or her former owner broke her back intentionally and left her to die in the trash bag.

The vets who treated the playful dachshund tend to believe that considering the extent of France’s spinal injury, this was not the result of a birth defect.

Image source: Wikipedia

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