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Dalai Lama Has Canceled U.S. visit Due to Health Checkup • Mirror Daily

President Barack Obama won’t be able to meet Dalai Lama this October.

Based on an official press release, Tibet’s spiritual leader Dalai Lama has canceled U.S. visit due to health checkup. The 80-year-old Buddhist monk has reassured fans he is not ill, he is simply following a simple medical checkup routine.

The message was posted on Dalai Lama’s official website on Friday afternoon, the person delivering it being His Holiness’ Indian secretary, Tenzin Taklha. The official message wrote that the Tibetan monk had to cancel his October visit in the United States because he has been programmed to a medical checkup.

Taklha has apologized for the problems that the announcement might have caused, particularly to organizers who planned Lama’s trip. The secretary thanked everyone for their support and understanding.

Dalai Lama will, nevertheless, head to the United States because the medical checkup will be performed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The date of his arrival has not been communicated, but it is rumored to take place during the annual meeting of the U.N. General Assembly, which will be held in New York.

Officials have further stated that the Buddhist leader has not intentions of meeting world leaders during his stay for the medical checkup. According to sources, doctors have recommended Dalai Lama to rest in the following weeks. In spite of this recommendation, sources have reassured us that the spiritual leader is not ill, he only needs to pay more attention to his health condition.

The U.N. General Assembly has been drawing many world leaders to the United States. Pope Francis, too, will take part in the meeting and nations were hoping Dalai Lama will be present, too. Yet, the official announcement denied all previous rumors and explained people that the Lama’s trip to the United States is personal.

The exiled Buddhist was supposed to visit several schools in Massachusetts during his stay in the United States. The respective educational institutions announced on Friday that Dalai Lama will no longer hold his conferences.

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