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Dangers of Trampolines • Mirror Daily

The dangers of trampoline grow higher when there are many children present.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Who would have thought that something that can be categorized as a children’s toy or entertaining mean can result in injuries? It seems like the trampoline lovers have to think twice before engaging in this pleasant activity, as the dangers of trampolines are reported more and more often.

Statistics, such as the government injury surveillance system, show that the number of injuries caused by jumping on trampolines is increasing. And what makes things worse is that people who suffer these type of accidents often need hospitalization. Doctors have been reporting broken arms and legs, and situations which required surgery, among other injuries.

A curious thing, though, is that, as the dangers of trampolines are familiar to authorities, park owners and people alike, trampoline parks have never lacked visitors. Even more, the business is actually flourishing. Taking into account the popularity of this activity, one might think that the owners of these places should be more careful when it comes to meeting the safety requirements since most of the injuries take place at trampoline parks rather than at home. Authorities are also concerned by this matter.

The victims are mostly children and teenagers, whose excitement of jumping higher and higher often gains them time in the hospital. It is the case of Heather Bottoms’ 13-year old son, who got himself a broken arm. The good news is that children’s bones grow back faster and it is less painful.

Doctors and other authorities in the field advise parents to be careful when taking their children to this kind of playground. They couldn’t possibly tell them to avoid these places, even more, because this comes with its advantages as well: exercising and having fun. But the advisable thing to do is to prevent children from showing off on the trampoline, by doing tricks and flips, and also to avoid crowded spaces and rush hours. Especially small kids should be carefully watched by their parents.

Although the dangers of the trampoline are acknowledged by everyone, this activity should not be avoided or excluded from children’s program. Also, there is a trampoline park industry which makes its living on it, so they can’t be shut down. Nevertheless, safety is required from both users/ visitors and entertainment providers.

Image source: Wikipedia

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