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The Kalamazoo shooting was not the first major security scandal in which Uber was involved.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Car sharing was considered a revolutionizing idea in the world of transportation. People are able to call for a car using an app on their phone; the driver already knows where to drop you off, and the atmosphere is less tense than that of a cab. But there is an emergency hotline for Uber clients, so that raises a few questions on the overall security provided by the service.

Uber has been secretly testing an emergency line meant for both customers and drivers. From what the company declared, the feature was inspired by the events in Kalamazoo. But that doesn’t mean that the hotline must replace the standard 911 emergency number.

From what Uber officials say, the emergency hotline is more oriented towards the customers that forgot something in the Uber vehicle that they used, or if the driver behaved badly with them. The Same principle applies to the drivers; they are encouraged to use it every time they meet a terrible customer that acts rudely or damages the vehicle in any way.

The 800-353-8237 hotline number is free of charge. You can store it in your phone, or you can access it from the button marked Help on the Uber app. Upon calling, the client will first be put in contact with a representative from customer service, and if the situation requires, the call can be redirected towards 911.

The company has been testing the hotline since October, so it is safe to say that they had the plan in mind long before the Kalamazoo shootings in February. That incident only made the company pay extra attention to a driver’s background.

And this is not the first time Uber collaborators are charged with serious offenses. According to the company that provides car sharing services, they have faced hundreds rape and sexual assault reports. But, there are also drivers who complain that they were physically or verbally attacked by clients. So the hotline is designed for both parties.

Momentarily, Uber created a Response Teams division in only two major cities, Chicago and Phoenix. But clients are encouraged to use the hotline in any of the 22 cities where the system is available.

Kalamazoo is not on the list of cities that are equipped with a hotline, but the passenger who reported the erratic driver called 911 as soon as they got off. This way the authorities were able to apprehend the shooter in a relatively short amount of time, getting him off the streets.

Now that there is an emergency hotline for Uber clients, maybe the number of physical and verbal violence cases will diminish.

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