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Day Care Sign Goes Viral on Facebook • Mirror Daily

A day care sign posted on a door rapidly became a smash hit on Facebook in just a few minutes.

(Mirror Daily, Unitd States) – A day care sign posted on a door rapidly became a smash hit on Facebook after only a couple of minutes. The photo of the day care sign was shared about 970,000 times since it was posted and it received approximately 940,000 likes and about that many comments. Because we live in a busy world where work doesn’t end when you leave the office, more and more parents are forced by circumstance to enroll their children in day care centers. Although the children are taken care of until their parents come to pick them up, they often lack the attention they deserve from their parents due to a mind-boggling reason – their parents can’t seem to unbury their faces from their mobile devices. Probably most of us continued to use our mobile devices outside of work. It’s understandable to want to finish your task before the week is over in order to enjoy a pleasant weekend. Sadly, the truth is that we sometimes care more about what happens on our Facebook account or at work, than about things that are more important such as family. A day care center for Texas saw that one more than one occasion, people would cross their threshold to pick up their kids, but were unable to pull their heads out of their phones. Troubled by this unhealthy trend, the day care center put up a rather unusual sign at the entrance, to serve as a reminder to parents who pay more attention to their phone than to their kids. The day care sign, printed on a plain piece of paper, was more than enough to stir some of the parents. Some of them felt shame and admitted to overusing the phone, while others became enraged, claiming that the sign is equally distasteful and disrespectful. The viral day care sign informs the visitor that the parents are coming to pick up their child. The next line, written in bold characters, asks the parents to get off their phone. After that, the sign goes on saying that there are many children who wish to show their projects to their parents, but they can’t seem to get their attention on the account that they can’t lose the phone.

The sign’s creators even gave an illustrative example – a little girl shouting out “Mommy” three times to draw her parent’s attention. As we’ve mentioned, many said that the sign is right, and we should ditch the phone when spending time with the kids, while others said that it is appalling and that the people running the day care service should show more respect considering that their salary comes out of their pockets.

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