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Destructive Storms Will Be Watched By Google

Google will provide the best and most recent information about upcoming hurricanes.

Almost precisely ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated the U.S. Golf Coast, so now, all destructive storms will be watched by Google and carefully tracked to provide the population the best safety measure possible. Information is vital during a situation of crisis.

With hurricane season sadly upon us, the tech giant is taking preventive measures that will hopefully save thousands of lives, homes and billions of dollars in damage, so they may better keep the population informed about dangerous storms incoming.

With their partnerships with several third-party companies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, India and Indonesia, Google Alert will now provide vital information about upcoming storms, status updates and safe security measures individuals should take before a devastating event of nature hits.

Once again, the company manages to revolutionize already existing pieces of software by properly and successfully applying their warnings to each person in part, as opposed to their general area. Google takes it a bit further by personalizing safety measures and data according to the searcher’s precise location.

Due to the ample resources at their disposal, the company manages to offer a map that will show the storm’s location in relation to where  you are, ample data about its status, including severity, forecast and arrival time, along with detailed and precise instructions on how to remain safe.

It will constantly update to provide as close to real-time news of the storm’s or hurricane’s progression throughout the United States. If you use the search engine to track down a specific storm several days before it hits, Google will show you a map and likely a recommendation on when you should start preparing an emergency kit.

According to your location, the tech giant has also provided a means to garner information about how to properly avoid serious injury or collision with debris, along with its own Crisis Response Team. All in all, Google seems adamant on covering all their bases.

Because of the devastation left behind by Katrina, they have also come up with a searchable database where users can look up their friends and family who might’ve been caught in a destructive storm. According to the company, they want to be as “prepared and helpful as possible” for the unknown, and provide as much useful information as they possibly can.

The effects of Katrina in New Orleans can still be felt today, so Google is attempting to make a potential disaster lessened in its destructive path, which might save lives in the end and prevent grave injuries. We may not know what is ahead of us, but it’s best that we’re prepared and have all the tools required as close as possible.

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