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Details on Apple’s iPhone 7 • Mirror Daily

iPhone 7 will be thinner

(Mirror Daily, United States) The first days of autumn are here, and they have a gift for all technology enthusiasts and Apple fans. The new iPhone 7 will be soon revealed. The official release date for Apple’s latest smartphone model is September 7, so make sure you won’t miss the updates on the event.

Apple will host an event on the 7th of September, and will reveal its new products, among which the highly expected iPhone 7, as well as a new smart watch model. The event will be held in San Francisco, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

Although official data were not actually released, some information about how the new iPhone will look like got to the public. It seems that developers at Apple didn’t change much about the design, so the new iPhone 7 will be quite similar to its previous model, iPhone 6. Perhaps, this time, the phone will be even thinner. However, there could be a wider range of color for the new product, consisting of five colors, among which black and pale pink. Blue is not among them, although some rumors claimed so.

Talking about more exciting features, perhaps this one is the most appealing to all iPhone users. It seems that the new model will have a larger storage space, double if compared to its older versions. The memory’s capacity will be 32 GB, as opposed to the 16 GB storage space offered by previous versions.

Another feature that users should be expecting is a second camera placed on the back of the phone. The purpose of this feature is to improve the qualities of your photos and provide you with some extra options. LG and Huawei also have models which display a second camera for additional options and better image quality.

The new iPhone 7 will lack a headphone jack. This should come as no surprise because, again, this is a common feature among recent devices. The headphones will work through a wireless connection or the Lightning port. As a result, it is very much likely that Apple will also design special sets of headphones to match the new device.

Users should also be expecting Bluetooth updates and improved waterproof, perhaps even a hundred percent level of waterproof protection. Processing improvement should also be expected from this high-technology Apple product.

If all the features listed above didn’t convince you, you should see the product for yourself and decide then.

Image courtesy of: Flickr

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