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Dinosaur Bones Discovered in Denali Park Is a First • Mirror Daily

One of the recently found dinosaur bones belongs to a hadrosaur

(Mirror Daily, United States) A summer expedition led researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to discover dinosaur bones in the Denali National Park. They also found dinosaur trackways, which are the footprints left by the animals in the mud, and which now turned to stone. Although the discovery was made during an expedition in July, the results have been recently announced.

This is the first time when paleontologists find dinosaur bones in the Denali National Park. Tracks have also been discovered for the last ten years, as a sign that the current park was once the home of the mighty creatures. However, the bone fossils stand as a premiere for the Alaska site.

According to the specialists’ study, the dinosaurs bones date back to the late Cretaceous Period, which was approximately seven million years ago. The fossils are four bone fragments, and the researchers believe that they belong to larger structures from a huge animal.

The paleontologists found parts of what they deem to be a fossilized tendon. They also believe it belonged to a hadrosaur, which was a plant-eating dinosaur. Previous signs of dinosaurs discovered in the Denali National Park were also pointing to hadrosaurs. This leads researchers to believe that the species was thriving in present day Alaska back in the Cretaceous Era.

The largest of the recently found dinosaur bones is only a few inches long. However, experts can tell for sure that it does not belong to a bird or a crawling reptile. Although they have little information, they believe that the fragments belong to a large beast.

The experts also intend to analyze the inner structure of the bones. They will be submitted to lab tests and studied under high technology microscopes. This meticulous type of analysis will reveal crucial details about the animals, like their species, their age, and physical features.

The team of specialists who discovered the dinosaur bones in the Denali Park thinks that there are more relics to unearth. The evidence they have already found is a strong reason to believe that the area was inhabited by dinosaurs in the past. As a result, there must be more fossils than what they have already discovered.

Specialist Pat Druckenmiller headed the expedition in July 2016. He intends to continue his project. Further investigation will be carried out to identify the other dinosaurs and other relics that may be hidden at the Alaska site.

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