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Disney 16-Bit Classic Games Restored • Mirror Daily

Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie on the magic carpet

(Mirror Daily, United States) For all cartoons and game enthusiasts, Disney 16-Bit classic games are back. You surely remember playing all sorts of video games in the early stages of the development of the industry, with something that now we may call poor graphics and design. Now you can enjoy the games in higher quality.

GOG is a company that really knows how the market works. They had the initiative of restoring classic Disney inspired games for modern players to play them on modern devices. Since it was hard to find a machine to play the game, now they are only a click away from you. You can download them from the internet, on GOG’s website,  and enjoy an experience you must have missed.

What are the names of the games that can send you back to your childhood? Well, neither more, nor less than The Lion King, The Jungle Book, and Aladdin.

What is so special about them? This is the press release from GOG, according to Techworm.

“All three titles have been meticulously updated to be compatible with modern operating systems while preserving the original graphics, sound and gameplay.”

The captivating things about these games are the plots and the beautiful hand drawing from Disney. GOG gives additional details on their project:

“With the advent of Digicel technology, hand-drawn cells from Disney’s animation team brought the characters to life with a level of vibrancy that was unparalleled at the time, and remains impressive today. Just look at how adorable little Simba looks when he roars at his enemies!”

Some of the players who already tried the games have a hierarchy of their own, with Aladdin ranking first place, followed by The Jungle Book, whereas The Lion King occupies the third position. The aim of the games is to go through a series of tasks, collect points, and items, and to eventually face the villain.

Kids in the 90s were all fond of these Disney classics so that they will relive the stories all over again. However, modern children take everything anew: new story, new game, new experience.

So, remember, GOG released the improved versions of The Lion King, The Jungle Book, and Aladdin, now available on their site, for PC and MAC.

Image courtesy of: Movie Pilot

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