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Doctors Refuse to Perform Emergency Surgery on Charles Manson • Mirror Daily

Bakersfield Hospital’s ER surgeons refused to operate on Charles Manson.

ER surgeons from the Bakersfield Hospital refused to perform emergency surgery on the notorious mass murderer Charles Manson. Serving a life sentence, Manson was rushed to the Bakersfield hospital from the Corcoran State Prison after he bled heavily due to an intestinal lesion.

On Thursday night, officials rushed Charles Manson to Bakersfield Hospital’s emergency room. The convince was feeling ill for several days, accusing abdominal pains, and bleeding. According to the doctors who consulted Manson, when the patients arrived at the hospital, he was informed about his condition and told that surgical intervention is needed to save his life.

Initially, Manson refused the surgery, but as his symptoms progressed, he agreed to undergo the procedure. However, upon arriving in the emergency room, the doctors decided that the procedure is too risky and potentially life-threatening due the patient’s weakened state.

At the moment, the doctors assigned to Manson’s case are trying to decide the best course of action – whether or not to risk operating on a weak patient. According to the penitentiary’s official spokesperson, this is not the first time Manson was rushed to the hospital due to his condition.

The notorious cult leader was admitted several months ago at the hospital when he exhibited similar symptoms. Charles Manson, born Charles Milles Maddox, is currently serving nine consecutive life sentences for the atrocious crimes committed by his followers in 1969.

Manson was the leader of a cult called the Manson Family, who believed in something called Helter Skelter, something resembling a race war. The cult’s former leader ordered the grisly murders which shocked the world in an attempt to precipitate the coming of the Helter Skelter.

Probably the most shocking display attributed to the Manson Family was the murder of Sharon Tate and her guests on the 9th of Augusts 1969. That day, Manson’s followers killed Tate and four other people at Tate’s estate. But these were not the first innocent people who have fallen pretty to Manson’s madness.

According to court documents, the Manson Family murdered 8 or 9 individuals in total, until the Californian authorities managed to apprehend them in 1971. On the 25th of January 1971, Charles Manson was charged with first-degree murder and orchestrating assassinations and was sentenced to death.

However, one year later, his sentence was commuted, on the account that California revoked all death sentences pronounced before 1972.

Image source: Wikipedia

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