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Donald Trump Managed the Impossible as He Is Now The New President of the U.S. • Mirror Daily

Donald Trump managed the impossible as he obtained the majority of votes and is now the president of the United States of America.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Donald Trump managed the impossible as the Republican candidate is now the President of the United States of America. The majority of swing states voted for the GOP nominee, sealing the fate of the elections. As the elections draw to a close, it seems like the United States was not ready for a female president.

Donald Trump placed his fate in swing states like North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio. The registered voters appreciated his vote of confidence and in return voted for him, paving his path to a glorious success.

Pennsylvania also decided in the GOP’s favor, and so did Wisconsin and Michigan, two profoundly Democrat states that only a week ago colored the electoral map in a proud blue.

Political analyzers believed that the Republican candidate didn’t even need to win over both Democrat states, just a single flip would have assured his victory. However, when things go haywire and predictions are ignored, it’s not that uncommon for the impossible to happen.

With Wisconsin and Michigan in his pocket, Mr. Trump assured his victory. It seems that Hillary Clinton misplaced her faith in the states that voted for Bernie Sanders during the battle for the Democratic party’s nomination.

The Republican’s triumph is a clear American shout towards the establishments. As U.S. voters were assaulted with proof that politicians are corrupt, that they tell beautiful lies during the campaigns, and that they will not fight for the people, but for themselves, the results of this election season were starting to become clearer and clearer.

Donald Trump is the perfect symbol of the fight against the establishment. He has expressed his mistrust for countless of times, and he cleverly built his campaign around the idea that he is the voice of the people.

By auto-proclaiming himself the voice of the average America, by bashing climate change and supporting good-old American factories he managed to attract the love of more than half a country.

The Republican candidate was involved in scandals that would have sealed the faith of any other candidate. However, as a representative of the people, Mr. Trump was allowed to make mistakes. He voiced the American people, he resonated with the voters on a level that no other political candidate could.

Donald Trump managed the impossible as he went from having 20 percent chances of winning to the President of the United States.

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