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Boy who donated hair for cancer has to fight with cancer.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – After growing his hair for two years, a young boy gave it to cancer survivors. Now it is his turn to struggle against this disease.

Vinny and his parents believed that seasonal allergies were the cause for his puffy right eye. But after some tests, doctors discovered that the little boy had developed a stage 4 cancer. Vinny Desautels is seven years old and lives in Roseville, California with his parents.

According to his father, Jason Desautels, doctors will soon confirm if he has a type of tumor that forms in soft tissue or bone, called Ewing’s sarcoma. His treatment is scheduled to start this week with chemotherapy and a bone marrow biopsy.

Unfortunately, the 4 stage cancer is aggressive and already spread in two different locations. Despite this, his parents are not going to lose their hope, but they will come up with a plan as soon as they receive the doctors’ confirmation.

Vinnie’s problem started in March when his eye began to hurt and became swollen. They started to figure out that something is not right after the allergy medication and eye drops didn’t work. Furthermore, his knee starts to ache too, and his hip was already bloated.

After this, his parents took him to the emergency room on 28th April. The doctor immediately sent him to a hospital in Sacramento when a significant growth on his hip was revealed by an X-ray. There, he went under MRIs, a CT scan and blood tests which confirmed that two tumors were situated on the bone around his eye and his hip.

When his case became known to the public, more than $50,000 were collected in just one week. His grandparents started an online fundraising campaign for him, and also many other supportive people around the country brought their contribution to Vinny’s heart-touching case.

Still, the situation is hard because Vinny’s mother is six months pregnant and cannot attend his radiation treatments. His parents now need to skip work and focus on supporting they boy. The boy’s medical condition is dangerous, but his parents are grateful for the people’s support.

Meanwhile, Vinny is trying to stay active and wants to go back to school and finish his tests.

Image Source: Wikipedia

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