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Don’t Score Extra Weight this Super Bowl Weekend

The Super Bowl weekend is known for the extraordinary amounts of food that the Americans eat while watching the game.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – This weekend is all about the game, the commercials, the friends, the traditions, the food and the fun. But you should pay attention so you don’t score extra weight this Super Bowl weekend.

The Super Bowl weekend is about so much more than the actual game. It’s that time of the year when you meet with friends you haven’t seen since the New Year’s party or last year’s Super Bowl. And the tradition, don’t forget the tradition where everybody gathers around the TV at somebody’s house and they start munching anxiously.

This year food suppliers have prepared themselves for a big demand for chicken wings (approximately 1.3 billion) and pizzas (more than 4 million). And these are the most popular take-out foods. When you start adding the chips, peanuts, dips, pretzels, candy, home-made burgers and hotdogs and the soda that you eat in between the chicken wings and the pizza, you realize that it’s quite easy to add a few extra pounds in only one weekend.

But there are a few ways in which you can make sure you don’t score extra weight this Super Bowl weekend.

Walk to and from your friend’s house

If you’re among the guests of a Super Bowl weekend gathering you should seriously take into consideration the possibility of walking to and from your friend’s house. There will be plenty of calories just sitting there on the table, and no matter how much your favorite team scores, you won’t burn them by lifting from the couch, yelling at the screen or singing along to Beyoncé on half-time.

The longer the walk, the easier it is to burn those potato chips that you dipped in the guacamole sauce. If you live too far away, consider taking the bus and getting off a few station earlier.

If you’re the one hosting the party, try walking with your friends when they leave. Or do extra errands after you clean the place up.

Try to eat a narrower array of foods

It’s easy to loose count of the calories you consumed when you eat only a slice of pizza, two chicken wings, some pretzels, some chips and a hot dog. All of these watered down with beer and soda. Instead, try focusing on just one, or two appetizers the entire night and one main course. You will notice easier just how much you had to eat and stop sooner.

Better beer than soda

Beer and soda have a lot of calories, but soda also contains a dangerous amount of added sugar which adds a couple of pounds and increases the risk of developing diabetes. A light beer or a ginger beer are more recommended for you. Plus they come in smaller containers so you can keep better track on how much you had to drink.

All in all, the best thing you could do this weekend is have fun and hit the gym starting Monday.

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