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Doom for Nintendo Switch Is Stunning, Reviewers Say • Mirror Daily

Bethesda did a great job in converting Doom for Nintendo Switch

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Last year, Nintendo baffled everybody with the announcement that the top game Doom will receive a Switch version. The game scored one of the biggest releases of 2016 and, apart from refined gameplay and mechanics, sported advanced graphics which seemed impossible to reproduce on Switch. However, a sneak peek at this version proves everybody wrong.

Doom seemed impossible to convert into a Switch version

Doom is, indeed, a big game, but many doubted Bethesda’s capabilities to convert the game into a Switch-friendly version. Now, the company offered a quick view at how this is going to look like, and it left everybody speechless. Many publications who reviewed it found it identical to all the other versions of the game.

Many fans were afraid Nintendo would want to “sugarcoat” Doom, and ask Bethesda to remove some of the blood and violence so typical of the original game. Fortunately, it didn’t happen, so the Switch version preserves all the savageness and breathtaking action Doom is known for.

The fast-paced action gets preserved even at smaller resolution

However, you might feel at a loss at a certain point. The action remains intense, indeed, but using Joy-Cons might prevent you from experiencing the violence and suspense at its full intensity. Therefore, if you want the best game experience you’ve ever had on the console, you should get your hands on a Pro Controller.

Also, Bethesda didn’t reveal the resolution available for Doom. The demos which have been released so far present the game in the typical Switch resolution, namely 720p. However, we cannot say if the actual version will be improved, or will retain a classic appearance.

What you need to keep in mind is that reviews are extremely good, and Bethesda appears to have done a great job in converting Doom for Nintendo Switch. Even if this might not be the final form of the game, everything looks incredibly promising, and we are actually expecting more surprises.
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