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Doritos Commercial Attracted the Wrath of a Pro-Abortion Group • Mirror Daily

The flavored tortilla producing company attracted the wrath of pro-abortion militants.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The Super Bowl Doritos commercial attracted the wrath of a pro-abortion group. The innocent and funny commercial that Doritos showed at last week’s Super Bowl was attacked by the NARAL association (National League of the Action for Abortion Rights). The members of the cited group claim that the commercial humanizes the fetus presented in the video, thus creating the false impression that the fetus is conscious of the activity around it before it is birthed.

The thirty-second long Doritos commercial attracted the wrath of a pro-abortion group because the company that produces flavored tortilla chips managed to humanize a fetus that, according to what the doctor in the commercial says, is ready to be born.

So a baby that has been sitting in its mother’s uterus for 9 whole months that is doing (clearly) something farfetched for the sake of the commercial is enough to make the pro-abortion group unleash its wrath upon the snacks manufacturer.

The commercial basically depicts a woman that is in her final pregnancy days. She and her husband go to visit the doctor for an ultrasound check-up. The husband is a bit hungry so he is munching on a bag of hot Doritos next to his wife’s bed.

We are told that the mother is close to giving birth because the doctor keeps repeating “any day now”. The expectant mother is a bit upset because of her husband’s unexpected Doritos craving, so she starts telling him to stop eating. As the husband moves the hand in which he is holding his Dorito, the child is seen on the ultrasound monitor replicating his movements.

The mother, being very angry and pregnant, decides to throw her husband’s Dorito in the opposite corner of the room. But then hilarity ensues when the baby decides that it is the time he emerged in the real world and flies out of his mother while trying to catch the Dorito triangle.

Any sane person would laugh at the end of the commercial that states the corn tortillas are only “for the bold”, but the members of the NARAL association are terribly upset by the thought that the baby was humanized by the producers of the commercial.

The most striking thing in the commercial is not the flying Dorito-loving baby, but the fact that the commercial’s producers really went the extra mile in reassuring the viewers that the mom will give birth “any day now”. It’s a thirty seconds commercial and the doctor says it twice.

It’s obvious that they wanted to make sure that they don’t upset any pro-life groups that could claim the commercial is pro-abortion. The only thing they forgot is the fact that pro-abortion groups are just as absurd, if not even more.

A fetus has a heartbeat and a circulatory system at only 22 days. At 20 weeks it is medically proven that the baby is capable of hearing and distinguishing his mother voice. That means that the Doritos commercial is not that farfetched when depicting the baby reacting to the voice of its parents.

The Doritos commercial attracted the wrath of a pro-abortion group because they made the baby seem too human. Next time Doritos, use some aliens or Women on Waves will send you some hate messages with their drones.

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