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Double Breakfast Doesn’t Cause Obesity But Skipping it Does • Mirror Daily

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it can cause obesity.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And due to subjective reasons like a need for extra sleep, or weight watching a lot of people skip it. In order to ensure that all children benefit from a meal in the morning, a lot of US schools offer free breakfast for students, leading to other concerns such as a second meal. Researchers say that a double breakfast doesn’t cause obesity, but skipping it does.

According to the latest research, a double breakfast doesn’t cause obesity but skipping it does. So the parents who were concerned about the weight of their children should make sure the infants eat at least one meal in the morning.

There are roughly four million children in the United States who live in poor conditions. Most of the time they leave for school with an empty belly, and this significantly affects their ability to concentrate and learn.

In order to avoid these situations, a high number of schools in the US are giving out free breakfast meals to their students. But because the meals are offered to all of the children, there sometimes are cases of students eating two meals.

Even though they have breakfast at home, some children join their peers for a second breakfast at school. This led to a growing concern about childhood obesity, and some parents started to contest the free school meal system.

In order to prove to the overly worried parents that the hobbit regime was not affecting their children, a team of scientists at the Rudd Food Center in Connecticut conducted a study.

According to their results, double breakfast doesn’t cause obesity but skipping it does.

After analyzing a broad sample of children over the course of a few years, Marlene Schwartz’s team discovered that the students who sometimes ate two breakfasts instead of one were not in any danger of growing obese in the next year.

But those who skipped the most important meal of the day had significantly increased chances of gaining extra weight. Usually, it was the girls who refused to eat breakfast because, ironically, they claimed to watch their weight.

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”

Thanks to Schwartz’s team parents can now rest assured that their children are not in any danger of becoming obese if they eat breakfast twice. The only concern should be that all students must benefit from the morning meal in order to achieve better academic performances.

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