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Charlie Sheen sought alternative treatments for HIV because of the side effects of his prescribed medication.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Charlie Sheen’s doctor claims to have cured HIV with goat milk in an interview with Bill Maher, on his “Real Time” show. Samir Chachoua, the doctor in question, is so confident of his cure that he actually claimed to have injected himself with Charlie Sheen’s HIV-infected drug and the proceeded to cure himself using infected goat milk.

The treatment that the Australian Dr. Chachoua is saying to be able to cure HIV is based on milk from diseased goats. The Virus of Caprine Encephalitis and Arthritis, or the CAEV virus, is part of the retroviridae family as is the HIV. As the name suggests, the caprine retrovirus can cause encephalitis, arthritis, mastitis, weight loss and pneumonia in goats.

But according to Dr. Chachoua’s research, when the two retroviruses meet, they annihilate each other. His treatment allegedly cured countries and himself, after he injecting himself with infected blood that belonged to Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen’s doctor claims to have cured HIV with goat milk that is infected with another type of retrovirus. And he insists that he has managed to cure countless of people, countries with this miracle treatment. The problem is he didn’t actually manage to cure Charlie Sheen.

The “Two and a Half Men” actor said in a previous Dr. Oz show that the medication that was prescribed to him initially caused uncomfortable side effects like horrible migraines and diarrhea. This made him seek the help of doctors that used alternative medicines to treat HIV-positive patients.

The first sign of distress for Sheen should have been the fact that Dr. Chachoua was only able to treat him in Mexico. Never did a Mexican treatment proved to be good for a patient. There is a reason for which FDA does not grant authorizations for human trials that easy.

The interesting part in the entire story remains the fact that, while obviously not cured of the incurable virus, Charlie Sheen actually went through a stage in which his AIDS was non-detectable right after putting a stop to the retrovirus-infected goat milk. But after a few weeks of continuous testing, the actor discovered that his numbers are actually higher than before and the milk didn’t do that much good.

Dr. Chachoua continues to claim that his course of treatment would have eventually cured Sheen who is now back on his prescribed medication.

You can watch the entire Bill Maher interview with Dr. Chachoua in the video below.

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