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Dragon Boat Festival Supports Cancer Patients • Mirror Daily

Such boats could be seen at the Dragon Boat Festival

(Mirror Daily, United States) Festivals are fantastic events, be it in celebration of music, movies, or peace on Earth. Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most interesting event of the year in North America. This year, organizers planned to donate the earnings for the same noble cause, that of cancer patients.

Dragon Boat Festival is an event that takes place every year, on Lake Champlain. Participants are teams, which compete on their dragon decorated boats on a race in Lake Champlain. This year’s edition has been the eleventh in the festival’s history.

The race was 200 meters long, and there have been about 60 teams. The winner was WND&WVS, a local group, and each member received medals as a prize.

The festival is a touristic attraction, and this year was no exception. Thousands of tourists were there for the event.

The sponsors of the Dragon Boat Festival were Dragonheart Vermont and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont. They are very fond of the event because since its first edition, back in 2005, they have been able to raise $1.65 million. All the money went to groups and associations supporting cancer patients and trying to implement specially designed programs for people who suffer from this terrible disease.

SF Gate informs on the profit of the 2015 edition of the Dragon Boat Festival, according to Linda Deyer’s statement:

“Linda Dyer, Dragonheart’s executive director, says the proceeds from last year’s event helped fund 55 free wellness classes for cancer survivors each month.”

Blue Cross also offers some information, namely that the event gathered not only tourists, but also health insurance companies, which is a considerable advantage.

Consider visiting Lake Champlain, even though the Dragon Boat Festival is over now. If you didn’t know about it so far, you could now make sure you won’t miss the next year edition. Think about it. What is there to lose? You have a good time at the festival, watch the colorful boats, enjoy the view, come with friends, make new friends, and the list can go on. However, on top of it all, there is another reason: being a part of an event which helps people fight a terrible disease.

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