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Dropbox Has Introduced New Team Features • Mirror Daily

Dropbox is offering new features to users of free accounts hoping they can convince them topurchase the Business version.

As of Tuesday, Dropbox has introduced new Team features that offer increased support to larger or smaller companies. As usual, the new features facilitate file exchanges among members of the same group, involving the least effort on behalf of users.

Dropbox has informed customers of the new features on Tuesday through an official announcement. The company has stated that the new option is called Dropbox Teams and it does precisely what the name says, that is, it provides support to teams.

No differences were made between Basic and Pro users as the company wanted the new feature to be available for everyone. Yet, the Business version already included similar features, so we may assume Dropbox’s new update was meant to even out all differences between existing accounts.

Dropbox has accompanied their message with an illustration of the new feature. According to the company, users that belong to a team can create a common folder and share files among them. New members can be added at all times. The company guarantees that no other efforts have to be made for the new team members to view files. They will be immediately available to users the moment they start using Dropbox.

Tech analysts think the Team feature was designed to offer support to small companies, who are already using Dropbox, but did not agree to pay the $10 monthly fee for the Pro version. There are still many options that are different from one account to another.

Dropbox claims Business customers benefit advanced security and administrative tools that are not otherwise available for free accounts. This explains why approximately 100,000 users have chosen the Business version.

400 million people use Dropbox, according to the company’s recent reports. 60% of the users, who have opted for the free Basic or Pro versions, rely on Dropbox for work-related activities. The rest of the customers use Dropbox for personal reasons.

Pranav Piyush, one of the project manager at Dropbox, has stated that the company hopes customers would gradually shift their interests towards Business accounts. They think this is possible only when small companies start growing and have more administrative tasks to solve.

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