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Heroin abuse is killing thousands of people per year only in the United State.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Drug dealers just don’t know how to keep on pushing their products. Security is pretty tight lately on all borders, so they were obligated to get creative when it came to the method of transportation of the illegal substances. Luckily, human resourcefulness came to their aid. Keeping that in mind, doctors removed heroin bags from a man’s intestines.

A 51 years old Lynn resident was the star of the North Shore Salem Hospital this Tuesday. Miguel Rodriguez ended up in the emergency room complaining about food poisoning from a lobster that he previously ate.

But the doctors soon realized that his so call lobster was, in fact, a lethal dose of illegal drugs packed in small bags and hidden in his stomach and intestines. After administering Narcan (a special drug that reverses the effects of an overdose) to the patient, the medical staff called the proper authorities so that they could be present at the removal of the packages from the man’s abdominal cavity.

After a surgery that lasted a little under an hour, the surgeon managed to retrieve 27 bags of illegal drugs from the man’s stomach and his intestines. The packages weighed approximately 163 grams. The street value of such a large quantity of cocaine and heroin amounts to $16,000.

The doctors believe that Rodriguez got ill because of the bags that he ingested ruptured during transportation. The Lynn man was forced to give in his passport, and as soon as he is discharged from the hospital he will be taken into custody.

His bail has been set at $500,000, and he is facing criminal charges. The 51 years old man already pleaded guilty. He may serve a reduced sentence if he continues to collaborate with the police. Rodriguez just returned from a short vacation in the Dominican Republic.

The authorities believe that the “bad lobster” was ingested before he left the country. The MO is consistent with other attempts of drug smuggling.

Other strange places from where TSA agents retrieved illegal substances are the anus and the vagina. Mules, as the carriers are often named, used to insert the bags in their orifices, and remove them once the packages were safe over the US border.

Unfortunately for them, security agents from airports are now performing “cavity searches” that include checking if the suspect is carrying something in his or her anus or vagina.

Now doctors removed heroin bags from a man’s intestines, and it seems that they are running out of places where to hide the merchandise while crossing the border.

Image source: Flickr

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