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Early menopause is connected to heart disease risk • Mirror Daily

Early menopause could be connected with premature death.

A new study shows that women who have early menopause are at higher risk for heart disease and premature death. Even though there were not many studies made regarding this matter, it seems that there really is a connection between menopause and heart issues.

Dutch researchers have used data from 32 studies, involving 300 000 women. They compared those who were younger than 45 at the start of menopause with those who were older when it began. What they discovered have concerned them. It seems that the heart disease risk is 50 percent greater for women that have early menopause.  Moreover, this raises the risk of death from all causes.

What is important to know is that the study did not make a cause and effect connection. Researchers just discovered an association between those two. Dr. Talant Muka, from the Erasmus University Medical Center, Netherlands, said that: “These findings suggest that women with early onset of menopause may be a group to target for proactive cardiovascular prevention strategies”.

Women with early menopause could try hormone therapy. The biggest issue is that this treatment if it used for too long, can cause cancer. So the risks will be bigger than the benefits.Doctors are advising female patients to avoid the treatment with estrogen until they have the age of natural menopause. Even though it begins at 51, there is one in 10 women who have early menopause.

Researchers are trying to find out if the ovaries are influencing the heart disease or if the cardiovascular health is influenced by ovaries. They think that the connection can be made in any direction. Women who have early menopause have higher heart disease risk. In the same time, high blood pressure can cause an early menopause.

Of course, there are other factors who influence this event, such as genetic or environmental risk. There are women who made some surgeries and they had menopause earlier than they should. Even though more research have to be done in the future, there is a connection between menopause and heart disease. Women who are  45 years old should pay more attention to their health.  If you have early menopause, you should see a doctor to prevent heart diseases. Find why this happened sooner that it should because the risks are higher than for those who got their menopause at 50 years old.

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