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Easter Island population •

   The Easter Island population build the famous statues, which are also surrounded in mystery.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The disappearance of the Easter Island Population remains a mystery for the archaeologists that have studied the area over the years. Numerous theories have been formulated, the most pertinent ones saying that the civilization was destroyed by European diseases, or that the population was decimated by a bloody war.

Another hypothesis that was emitted by scientists suggested that the population of the Easter Island grew too much and it devastated both the local forests and the food resources. This lack of basic materials prompted the local inhabitants into a sort of civil war that ultimately decimated the entire Easter Island civilization.

But archaeologists have studied the indigenous tools found on the island and concluded that the instruments that resembled a triangular spear with an obsidian blade were not build for violent purposes.

According to Cal Lipo, a professor of anthropology at the Binghamton American University, a closer look at the odd instruments clearly shows that they were designed for domestic purposes. Professor Lipo continues to say that all of the European, Native American, even the remote Asian war instruments had a single thing in common, they were built in a way that made them efficient during battle. The bulky obsidian-bladed triangular spears could not prove to be useful in a combat and that would have cost the warrior’s death.

Professor’s Lipo team also analyzed the variability of the shape of more than 400 such instruments, also called mata’a. Based on their odd shapes and their wide variability, the team of researchers established that they were not used in combat by the island’s inhabitants.

This means that the disappearance of the Easter Island population remains a mystery for the scientific community.

According to Professor Lipo, many people believe that the island is an altar to a catastrophic destiny of a doomed civilization. But the researchers revealed the fact that the builders of the mysterious monuments were quite a successful civilization and they thrived right up until the moment in which they made contact with the Europeans.

Also, Professor Lipo adds that the obsidian instruments were probably used in a wide array of tasks from farming, to plant processing and even tattoo drawing. The anthropology professor insists on the fact that the population of the Easter Island was successful and productive.

And his theory might be true, or it might be disapproved in a couple of years by another scientist. The only certain fact is that the disappearance of the Easter Island population remains a mystery even today.

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