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Eat Nuts and Peanuts to Lower Death Risks • Mirror Daily

A handfull of mixed peanuts per day can help people prevent cancer, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases.

Recent medical studies suggest that nuts can have a very good effect for people who want to prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer. People should, therefore, eat nuts and peanuts to lower death risks, but there are, nevertheless, certain aspects they should take into consideration to prevent other negative consequences.

The first medical researches in this domain were started in 1986 when professors at the Maastricht University discovered that a specific intake of nuts and peanuts per day can have a very good effect on people’s health. The study was recently revisited as nutritional experts wanted to get additional information on the matter.

They have thus, gathered a group of 120,000 Dutch people, who received different quantities of peanuts each day. The evolution of each and every respondent has been carefully documented every day, so scientists could keep a track of their bodily modifications.

Results have shown that people who eat 15 grams of nuts or peanuts per day have bigger chances of lowering death risks. These products have proven themselves particularly useful in preventing difficult diseases, such as, cancer, diabetes and strokes.

Participants with higher chances of developing Alzheimer have had a good evolution during the experiment. Doctors have, therefore, concluded that neurodegenerative diseases can also be prevented with the help of the peanuts.

Even though nuts and peanuts have a good influence on people’s health condition, researchers warn that the daily intake should be carefully measured to obtain good results. In their opinion, daily quantities that are larger than 15 grams will lead to unwanted outcome, such as, additional body fat and heart problems.

In addition, scientists have mentioned that consuming sweet products containing nuts or peanuts is not a good solution, either. Patients should not eat peanut butter as this will not bring them any health benefits. On the contrary, sugar-based products are more likely to worsen the health condition of individuals, even if they contain traces of nuts.

In the end of the experiments, researchers have named several categories of nuts that people can consume in order to prevent death risks. The most effective products in this category are tree nuts and peanuts, but the same positive results were also noticed in pistachio and macadamia.

The findings of the recent tests have been published in the Journal of Epidemiology.
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