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Eating Nuts Can Prevent Colon Cancer Recurrence and Death • Mirror Daily

A diet rich in nuts helps patients lower the risk of colon cancer recurrence and death

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A new research shows that eating nuts can decrease the risk of colon cancer recurrence and death. Nuts, pecans, or almonds contribute to a healthier digestive system and are recommended for people who suffer from colon cancer.

Patients who consume nuts are less likely to die from colon cancer

The research involved more than 820 colon cancer patients who underwent treatment for stage III, including both chemotherapy and surgery. Over 19 percent of the participants reported consuming more than two ounces of nuts every week. These people were 57 percent less likely to die than the other patients. Also, they had a 42% lower chance of recurrence.

If the cancer does not spread, patients have a 70 percent chance of surviving 3 years after the treatments. One main factor which prevented cancer recurrence was a diet rich in nuts. Pecans, almonds, and other tree nuts reduce the risk the most. On the other hand, peanuts or peanut butter do not have the same effect.

A diet rich in nuts has many benefits

However, the study was observational, so it does not prove a cause-and-effect. Even so, the benefits of eating nuts on our health are clear. Previous studies found that consuming such food lowers the risk of developing diabetes or heart disease. Now, it seems that they might help colon cancer patients.

Eating nuts is healthy, indeed, but doctors warn patients not to consume the food instead of receiving the necessary treatment. Nuts work as a way to help the organism fight the disease, so they should always accompany other therapy methods.

“Rather, patients with colon cancer should be optimistic, and they should eat a healthy diet, including tree nuts, which (..) may also further decrease the chances of the cancer coming back,” said ASCO president Daniel Hayes.

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