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Ecocapsule: Portable Home Fully Equipped and Self-Powered • Mirror Daily

Are you tired of abiding by social conduct? Do you dream of living off the land after your heart delight in a remote part of this Earth? The egg-shaped home dubbed as the “Ecocapsule” might just be the escape solution you’ve been waiting for.

Bratislava-based company called Nice Architects is responsible for building the Ecocapsule in the form of a mobile house. According to its advertising, its inventors claim the pod has yet to be matched in the dwelling experience it offers.

Due to the Ecocapsule’s impressive off-grid lifespan, flexibility and worldwide mobility, its designers believe it is suitable for many purposes.

Besides offering individuals the chance of living on the edge, the capsule also has the potential of an independent research station, it can offer emergency housing and participate in humanitarian initiatives.

Inside the little capsule measuring 4.5 meters long by 2.4 meters wide by 2.5 meters tall, two adults can live comfortably. Designers thought of everything indispensable that could fit in the small layout, so they included a built-in kitchenette with running water, a shower and a toilet.

When it comes to transporting the Ecocapsule anywhere worldwide, the compact size is a great advantage: all you need is a standard 40-foot shipping container. Without any special preparations or safety measures, the abode is ready for shipping, towing, pack-animal travelling or airlifting.

On the outside, the Ecocapsule is fitted with storage spaces and two windows; on the inside, it comes with a folding bed, two chairs and a table. The portable home is packed with all essentials that ensure a prolonged stay, and the owner doesn’t have to worry about recharging or re-supplying it.

If you’re wondering how is that possible, know that the Ecocapsule uses a built-in wind turbine for its power. In case of emergency, a solar cell array comes in handy as back-up. On the surface of an Ecocapsule, 2.6 square meters are covered in powerful solar cells.

Besides dual power system, the inventors added a high-capacity battery for the times and places where solar or wind activity is reduced. Therefore, dwellers benefit from enough power for almost an entire year in any of the off-grid locations worldwide.

The egg-shaped home is prepared to collect rainwater and dew, which can be used inside as water sources through the built-in water filters.

Later this month, Nice Architects is set to unveil its first Ecocapsule during the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. By the end of the year, the company plans to start taking orders for the pods to be delivered in early 2016.

However, Nice Architects did not reveal the pricing of the Ecocapsule, but it won’t be cheap. The pod will start selling under the slogan “Dwelling with the Spirit of Freedom.”
Image Source: Treehugger

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