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Einstein Got It All Wrong, 'Spooky Action' Has Been Confirmed • Mirror Daily

In spite of the efforts Einstein made to reject Spooky Action Theory, new study shows ghostly influences are possible.

(Mirror Daily- United States) – Dutch scientists have finally managed to prove Einstein got it all wrong, ‘Spooky Action’ has been confirmed through a recent experiment. The new study proves particles in space are, indeed, entangled, that is, they can influence each other no matter how big the distance separating them – a theory that was strongly disputed by Einstein.

Professor Ronald Hanson, from the Dutch University TU Delft thinks his recent experiment has got closer to proving Einstein got it all wrong and that the ‘Spooky Action’ can be confirmed. For this purpose, he has led a team of researchers from UK, Spain and Netherlands, who have observed the quantum mechanics particles interact with each other although they were not in close connection.

The new discovery goes against Einstein’s initial theory. The physicist denied the ‘Spooky Action’ claiming two particles cannot influence each other unless they exist next to one another. This is the only case in which the two particles can become connected and go through the same states.

Following in the footsteps of John Stewart Bell, Hanson, too believes particles exist the moment they are observed. Yet, these particles may also exist in parallel universes and the two instances suffer the same physical modifications because they are connected through loopholes, no matter how distant they may be from one another.

In support of his recent theory, Hanson has placed two particles within opposing and distant laboratories of the Delft University of Technology. The distance between the two particles was estimated at approximately 1.3 kilometers – a very large distance, if we were to take into consideration Einstein’s suppositions.

The team of researchers have observed the two particles from the point of view of two loopholes, the location loophole and the detection loophole. In spite of the distance separating them, the two particles have always influenced each other, scientists have concluded, without forming any loophole among them. The experiment has proven that particles are connected through a fabric of subatomic particles and that they both suffer ‘ghostly’ influences that have nothing to do with loopholes.

The new study may be, therefore, described as a continuation of Bell’s 1970 experiment, only this time, the connection between the two particles is set through a fabric of subatomic particles instead of loopholes. Regardless of the significance of the new discovery, there are still scientists claiming that the study has rejected only two out of three loopholes. There is still the light loophole that scientists plan to debunk within a future experiment.

The detailed experiment was described in Wednesday’s edition of Nature journal. You can read more on quantum physics experiments here.

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