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Electric Car Technology Will Undergo Trial in the UK

The UK government is looking to lead the way into the market of electric cars.

We’re slowly edging onto a time where petroleum might see a bit of a downfall, so now, an electric car technology will undergo trial in the UK to ascertain just how close that is. The United Kingdom seems to be relentlessly pursuing their goal to become the leading nation in e-cars, hybrids and driverless vehicles.

They’re investing more and more into an industry that has yet to see proper profit, but representatives seem optimistic that it will certainly be well worth it. Currently, Highways England have announced that they will be testing electric car technology that will involve wireless charging across a long stretch of road.

The government agency is pursuing the goals of lowering the number of gas emissions by investing into electric vehicles and preventing drivers from needing to stop at charging stations on the way. It would spare time and traffic along England’s motorways, which could be indeed precious for transportation trucks and other professional drivers.

The wireless charging technology will be installed underground and testing will be starting later this year to properly understand how safe and efficient it would be for UK’s population. The ambitious trial will reportedly last around 18 months, during which they will study the feasibility of wireless power transfer.

According to UK’s Transport Minister, Andrew Jones, the innovative technology that will open up “exciting possibilities”, the government has already committed around $781 million (£500 million) for the next 5 years. Their ambition is certainly being well funded to become the leading nation in e-cars and an environmentalist to battle the high amount of gas emissions reportedly damaging our planet.

Highways England chief engineer, Mike Wilson, has emphasized their wish to strongly support the cause of limiting pollution by supporting the ever-charging world of technology where potentially harming vehicles are concerned. And, hopefully, this will help create a more supporting system of wireless charging that will benefit both the government and its citizens.

In addition, the agency plans on installing plug-in charging stations at intervals of 20 miles along the motorway after properly equipping electric cars and hybrids with wireless technology that would charge as they go by. Then, the testing will be begin, with the network powering up vehicles as they pass from underneath, to simulate real conditions that could greatly benefit transport workers.

If the off-road trials will prove themselves successful, Highways England would start testing electric cars and wireless technology on real roads. So, at some point in the future, it might be possible that transporters driving along the UK’s motorways will never need to stop for gas again. Charging stations themselves might just turn into stores for snacks and bathrooms.

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