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electronic cigarettes are not healthier •

The legislation concerning vaping is starting to become clearer.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The Thoracic Society of America founded a Committee for Tobacco Action that discovered that electronic cigarettes are not healthier than combustible cigarettes. Apparently Pfizer knew about this but refused to share the information, thus endangering the lives of thousands of individuals who believed e-cigarettes were healthy.

The new trend of using e-cigarettes instead of combustible cigarettes is based on a misconception. The latest study discovered that electronic cigarettes are not healthier than combustible ones, on the contrary, they affect the health of users as badly as the regular ones.

Electronic cigarettes have been marketed as safer products because they eliminate the chemical agents that are formed during the combustion of regular cigarettes. Adding the fact that they offer a dose of nicotine in the same way a traditional cigarette would, but without the bad breath, the stench, and the additional chemicals, the devices were soon requested by more and more people.

And according to the CDC, ever since 2011, teenagers stopped smoking combustible cigarettes and started using their electronic counterparts. The latter were not only more accessible because of the loose legislation around vaping, but they also came in fun flavors that aroused the interest of adolescents and young adults.

The CDC discovered that teenagers are starting to smoke e-cigarettes more than they do combustible cigarettes. And in part, this is due to the fact that the first are much better marketed at the younger generations.

The salespeople from vaping kiosks don’t ID the customers as thoroughly as they should. Especially not as thoroughly as clerks from tobacco and liquor stores. And last week’s incident with the teen that is now partially blind due to an e-cigarette exploding in its hands stands witness of the looseness of the vaping industry.

As long as their product is sold it doesn’t matter if electronic cigarettes are not healthier than the combustible ones, or that they are a hazard for people, exploding at the slightest handling mistake.

Only a few days ago, people from Portland alerted the media that tobacco advertisements were placed next to products destined for children like toys and candy. But since e-cigarettes already have flavors like cotton candy, bubblegum, cherry cheesecake, and other sweets for the sweet spot, you can barely distinguish the nicotine bottles from the real candies in a store.

Electronic cigarettes are not healthier than the combustible type, but they are sure advertised that way. And this practice is endangering our children.

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