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Email Spam Rates Are Now Lower Than Ever • Mirror Daily

Google’s Gmail Postmaster Tool is expected to further lower spam percentages.

According to a recent report published by the U.S. company Symantec, email spam rates are now lower than ever. Compared to the previous report that the enterprise published in 2003, spam emails only cover 49.7 per cent of emails; thus showing that the recent measures have helped reduce spamming by 50 percent.

Tech companies have been going through many efforts in the past decade to lower Internet attacks and spam messages. Their efforts seem to have paid off as the new report published by Symantec reveals that the percentage of spam emails has been halved.

The study shows that only 49.7 of the messages in our email boxes represent spam letters and neither of them are as annoying as the well-known money-begging messages. These statistics come to confirm users that the recent measures that Google has adopted, such as, the introduction of their Gmail Postmaster Tools, have been effective.

The research has also showcased the evolution of spamming in the past 12 years. It appears that spam rates have remained equally high within areas related to retail, non-traditional services and public administration. These domains have registered a slight increase in spam messages in the period between April and May.

According to Symantec’s data, spam messages in the retail field have increased from 52.1% in April to 53.1% in May. A similar growth was noticed among services-related messages, which went from 52.6% in April to 53% in May. The public administration sector is currently responsible for 52.3% spamming messages, up almost 1% from May’s 51.4% value.

Further researches have also enabled Symantec employees to come up with the profile of the most popular spam producer. According to their description, small companies that have between 1 and 500 employees are more likely to send spam messages. These have been responsible for more than 53 percent of the spam messages that were sent in these past 12 years, researchers have explained.

At the opposite pole, lie big companies, which rarely send spam messages, according to the observations that Symantec has made. On the contrary, enterprises with 500-2,500 employees do not exceed the 50% spamming threshold.

This percentage is expected to further decrease in the following period due to the introduction of Google’s Postmaster Tools. This email service allows certified e-mail senders to better analyze their messages and to eliminate all possible errors and spams.

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