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Emory Students Are Afraid of Trump • Mirror Daily

Trump is loved by his supporters because he is not afraid of expressing his opinions.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Presidential campaigns are ruining college life. A few days ago, a surprise chalk graffiti managed to stir things up at a local university. The Emory students are afraid of Trump and consider the political propaganda that was written on the walls of the University a way in which their white, privileged peers were telling them to pack their bags.

Monday morning, instead of sleepily shaking off their hangovers while heading out to breakfast to start another school week, students received a big, chalky surprise. Instead of plain traditional walls, they were greeted by pro-Trump messages written all over the campus’ buildings.

Things like “Trump for Press”, “Vote for Trump”, and “Accept the Inevitable: Trump 2016” stood written in big, chalky letters. It may be that the messages were the result of a drunken dare or the open support of Trump aficionados. No matter the intention behind the campaign scribblings, the minority groups took great offense.

Emory students are afraid of Trump, at least, all of the minorities are. When asked by The Daily Beast about the feelings that the slogans brought up, the students started declaring that Trump supporters are not ordinary political enthusiasts, and they literally fear for their life.

One of the students said that the first thing that came into her mind after seeing the messages was the fact that the campus was organizing a KKK meeting. Emory students are afraid of Trump and anybody who associates with the presidential candidate because he openly declared his hate towards a lot of the minorities present in the United States.

A group of Muslim, Latino, and African-American students organized themselves and sent an official e-mail to the university’s representatives. They were asking the right to remove the threatening political slogans from campus property. They were denied permission due to the fact that the removal of the messages would inspire censorship, thus menacing the right of free speech.

Following the provisions of the First Amendment, the minority groups started handing out flyers that opposed Trump’s candidacy and urged other students to think twice before supporting the businessman.

The Emory students are afraid of Trump because the presidential candidate is threatening to deport them and their parents. And even though he didn’t declare in on television, his followers are even spreading the word about the imminent construction of concentration camps.

While it sounds like a ruse, sadly it is not. Emory students are afraid of Trump, and not because he wants to raise education taxes. But because he is a declared racist and attacks members of different minorities every time he gets the opportunity.

Image Source: Wikimedia

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