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Energy Drink Sale Ups the Risk of College Sex • Mirror Daily

A Vermont College student claims energy drink sale ups the risk of college sex.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – It seems that energy drink sales up the risk of college sex, so they will be banned on the campus of the Middlebury College in Vermont.

Myles Kamisher-Koch, a Middlebury College student prefers to be wings free when it comes to caffeinated drinks. The student is also interning at the Dining Services of the college so he is familiar with all of the drinks that the educational facility is selling to its students.

Surprisingly enough, the banning initiative belonged to Kamisher-Koch and not the college’s board. The self-righteous student argued at an administrators meeting that energy drinks like 5-Hour and Red Bull are a high-risk factor among students.

The Dining Services intern is convinced that the consumption of energy beverages affects the academic habits of the students. He also argued that whenever such drinks are involved, the students partake in high-risk behavior and unsafe sexual practices.

But Kamisher-Koch is not alone in his battle. The Dining Services’ executive director, Dan Detora, agrees with the wings free student saying that energy drinks pose a serious danger to the students’ health. The statement was made while the college’s cafeteria was still serving oily, greasy fast-food.

There were additional college officials that supported the ban on energy drinks because they considered them to be unhealthy and promoters of alcohol abuse and unsafe sexual activity. The administration is backed up by at least two students.

But what the college’s officials are overlooking is the fact that there is a very big difference between causation and correlation.

Energy drinks might be the cause of high blood pressure or the onset of early diabetes seen as they contain ridiculous amounts of caffeine and sugar. But they surely don’t feature a secret, unmarked ingredient that wipes the morality and sense of preservation from the students’ brains.

It’s just a matter of correlation. Those who prefer to drink energy beverages are those prone to risky behavior. It’s a matter of taste.

You’ll never see a frat boy pairing vodka with tea as you will not have the chance of seeing someone gulp down a whole bottle of Red Bull before reading a book or going to a movie.

Some drinks are preferred by a certain kind of people while others simply aren’t.

The good news is that the consumption of energy drinks will not be forbidden on campus, only the sale. So Kamisher-Koch may have won the battle, but he lost the war, because if he paid more attention in class, rather than on the tab of his fellow students, he would have been aware of the fact that restricting access to an object only makes it look more desirable.

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