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Erectile Dysfunctions May Be Cured with Coffee and Caffeine, New Study Confirms • Mirror Daily

Erectile dysfunctions may be cured with caffeine, new study confirms after doctors have performed a thorough analysis on a large number of male respondents. Their recent findings are in keeping with previous experiments showing that caffeine could have a positive impact on patients suffering from heart diseases, diabetes and erectile malfunctions.

Caffeine was long considered an enemy for our health, but recent medical findings come to contradict the traditional believes. Physicians claim now, based on real medical findings that a balanced coffee intake per day could in fact improve the patient’s condition.

The recent research was carried out on 3,724 men, who were asked to answer a given number of questions related to their lifestyle and their health conditions. The respondents were chosen based on their age, too, as erectile dysfunctions usually occur at people over 40. Thus, the participants were all aged 40 or above.

Based on the answers they have provided, doctors have found that 85 to 170 milligrams of caffeine per day could be extremely benefic for their health. The majority of the respondents suffered from heart affections, obesity and diabetes, who in turn, have experienced ED on a regular basis.

Statistics have revealed that patients who consumed the aforementioned quantity of caffeine were 42 percent less likely to develop erectile dysfunction. However, there was no real explanation that scientists could find for this improvement.

They have logically inferred that caffeine contributes to the improvement of blood circulation and, therefore, helps reduce erectile dysfunctions caused by little blood flow in the penis. Two cups of coffee per day have the ability to relax blood vessels, regulate blood pressure and improve cardiovascular functions.

Patients, who suffered from diabetes, however, did not register any change in their health condition. According to researchers, diabetes is the main risk factor contributing to ED and there is little that remains to be done for these men.

Many efforts are been carried through in order to reduce the occurrence of erectile dysfunctions among men. The National Institute of Health says 30 million men in America suffer from this affection. Erectile dysfunctions are extremely common among men aged over 40 (44%). Their number is directly proportional with the age, as 70% men over 70 admitted suffering from ED.

Physicians have concluded the study by saying that there are many additional sources of caffeine for patients who do not tolerate coffee. They have suggested respondents to replace coffee with tea, soda and several popular sport drinks if they don’t like the taste of genuine coffee.
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