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Maybe Tokyo gun laws will not allow the characters to openly shoot people on the street.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – According to the latest rumors in the gaming industry, GTA 6 will probably take place in Tokyo, Nevada or Colombia. It seems that Rockstar Games is trying to push the limits of the gaming experience further than any company has done so before.

The latest rumors are centered around the idea that the next GTA game will take place in a foreign country. All of the talks were generated by a visit that the company made in all of the three locations mentioned above.

It is known that Rockstar Games always does its homework before even considering a new location for their games. That is why the gaming community exploded after hearing about its recent trips to Tokyo, Nevada or Colombia.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been a controversial subject in the world of gaming. It’s graphic depictions and language were frowned upon by angry parents.

Rockstar Games continually pushed the limits of gaming, for example, it’s one of the few games that allows players to beat characters with a baseball bat. It’s also filled with other gory images and behavior like people shot in the head, characters getting their skulls bashed in, and prostitutes being stabbed after performing their duties.

GTA is a phenomenon when it comes to open world video games. And the fans started dreaming about the sixth installment only shortly after the release of the fifth. And as tradition dictates, whenever a significant number of people are anxiously waiting for any news on their object of desire, rumors surface.

A couple of weeks ago there was talk about the series finally introducing a female lead character. Names like Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling circulated the fandoms. Of course, none was confirmed, but hope dies last when it comes to GTA, especially since players are used to the developers bringing new and exciting features with every game.

Furthermore, there is a high probability that fans of the series will be able to play GTA V in VR sooner than the sixth installment will be released. But caution is advised. It seems that the VR version of the gaming phenomena is as real as it could be, placing the player in emotionally difficult circumstances.

For now, all GTA lovers can only settle for the rumors. But there is always a chance that some of them are true, especially when everybody knows how thorough Rockstar Games is when it comes to research.

GTA 6 will probably take place in Tokyo, Nevada or Colombia, or all of them.

Image source: YouTube

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