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Eva, The Baby Born without a Brain, Has Passed Away • Mirror Daily

Eva, the child born without a brain to a New Orleans couple, has passed away.

Royce and Keri Young, the New Orleans couple who decided to donate their daughter’s organs after the doctor told them that the infant had no brain, told the press that young Eva has passed away at an Oklahoma Hospital on the 27th of April.

New Orleans Parents Said Goodbye to Eva

Keri, the infant’s mother, wrote on her Facebook that she managed to spend a few hours with young Eva before she passed away. The woman posted a single photo on her social media account depicting her husband, older son, and her holding young Eva in her arms.

The woman’s tragic story begun several months ago, when she went to an Oklahoma hospital for her pregnancy check-up. Following a thorough examination, Keri’s doctor informed the couple that the baby will be born without a brain and that it will only survive for a couple of hours.

Heartbroken, Keri took a moment to gather her thoughts, and then made the decision that will change her life forever. Although Keri’s physician told her that an abortion would be the best choice for the couple, the young New Orleans mother decided to go through with her pregnancy.

Keri’s Journey can Be Read on Facebook

Moreover, Keri told both her husband and doctor, that once the baby is born, she will donate her organs, so that other children might have a chance to live a better and healthier life. Of course, Keri’s physician could do nothing more than applaud the woman’s decision and to call her a true life-saver.

The child, whom Keri and Royce decided to name Eva, was born at an Oklahoma City maternity on the 27th of April. As the woman wrote on her Facebook page, her only joy, as a mother, is that she was able to hold her baby in her arms for a couple of hours before she passed away.

Royce, Keri’s husband, has been documenting his wife’s emotional journey ever since the day they’ve received the sad news. In a Facebook post, Royce wrote that he felt more like a spectator than an actual actor, even though Eva was his child and Keri, his wife.

Royce also called his wife a true hero, one who wasn’t born with any superpowers, but discovered them in a moment, when many strong men and women would sit and weep. The woman husband also told his followers that his wife didn’t sit and pondered about her decision.

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