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Even Sugar-Free Drinks Will Ruin Your Teeth

There is no safe option of soft drink

(Mirror Daily, United States) – There’s no escaping dental problems with certain beverages, as even sugar-free drinks will ruin your teeth and cause dreaded erosion. It’s usually a thought on consumers’ minds that option for products without sugar may be the key to a healthier life. It could be the better alternative for those concerned about diabetes and dental care.

However, researchers at the University of Melbourne have found that it’s not quite true. In fact, whether the beverage has sugar in it or not, the damage is done just the same. They tested a number of 23 soft drinks and sports drinks for their effects. All contained acidic additives and had low pH levels, which caused damage to dental health.

The team at Oral Health Cooperative Research Center (Oral Health CRC) found that the harmful effects were felt. The drinks caused a softening of the dental enamel by 30 to 50%. They eroded the tough exterior, and with time, might even venture as far as exposing the soft pulp underneath, according to Oral Health CRC CEO, Eric Reynolds.

Sugar-free drinks have been thought of as the better alternative of avoiding tooth decay. But the chemical mix can still cause dental erosion, which is just as serious. The researchers found that there was essentially no difference between the sugar-full and sugar free options where teeth health was concerned. They both did the same amount of harm.

Out of the 8 sports drink tested, all of them except two caused damage to the dental enamel. The two exceptions were found in beverages that had high calcium content. This means that there is hope out there in at least a few brands that the drink won’t all ruin your teeth.

However, Reynolds makes sure to note and warn that just because the beverage is labeled as ‘sugar free’ does not mean it’s safe or healthy for that matter. This was said in lieu of some stating that they could be next best thing in terms of tasteful products. It’s not the case, and this includes flavored mineral waters.

In fact, the team of researchers found that even some beverages that were labeled as ‘tooth friendly’ still caused measurable teeth erosion. So, essentially, there are no soft drinks and few sports drinks that will not be hazardous for your teeth.

The erosion can be reversed through certain treatments that will replace the minerals lost. If it advances though, oral health professionals will need to place in filling or crown to make up for the lost surface.

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