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Experts Speak Against Sunburn Art Because it Increases Risk of Skin Cancer – Mirror Daily

In spite of the fact that risk of cancer goes up with each sunburn, that hasn’t’ stop people from making an art out of it.

Experts found themselves in the position of speaking against a new social media trend that’s been on the rise in the latest summer months: strategically using sunscreen lotion as a means to create a do-it-yourself temporary “tattoo,” but with sunburns this time.

Rather proud with themselves, people have been taking pictures of the results, posting them on social media websites, particularly on Twitter and Facebook, and uniting under various hashtags.

The trend has gained such traction that the Skin Cancer Foundation has decided to state their official position on sunburn art, warning fans that the health risks that come from getting tanned or sunburned skin for the sake of art are much more drastic than the apparent popularity.

Sunburns are known to cause irreversible damage to the skin, increase skin aging and – worst of all – sending your chances of skin cancer through the roof.

According to the health foundation’s statement, it’s enough to sustain five or more sunburns during youth to have your melanoma risk increase by 80 percent. Regardless of age, more than five sunburns will double the average person’s risk for melanoma.

Today’s society puts so much emphasis on having a tanned body – especially during summer months – that we forget and underestimate how much damage a sunburn can cause. At least that’s what Dr. Deborah Sarnoff thinks, the senior VP of the Skin Cancer Foundation.

According to the American Cancer Society, the DNA damage to the skin cells can be caused by both sunshine rays and tanning beds, making the cells more susceptible to turning cancerous. And Sarnoff explained that the cancer risk is cumulative – the risk goes up with each tan and sunburn a person sustain throughout their lifetime.

People might consider this “sunburn art” creative or innovative, but in reality, sunburns are nothing but self-inflicted and dangerous ways of raising your skin cancer risk. Is it really worth it to have that picture posted on Twitter?
Image Source: Stomp

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