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Exploding Kittens Takes Over The App Store

The game is only available for iOS, for now

(Mirror Daily, United States) – After just one day, Exploding Kittens takes over the App Store by topping the chart in numbers for paid apps. For those who have played it, Exploding Kittens is an addictive, simple, and fun card game that is a harmless mix between a “kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette” and Cards Against Humanity.

It’s self-described as a party game, easy to set up, and does not require extensive knowledge or love for boardgames. When first introduced to the world by creator Elan Lee, the card game became a near instant phenomenon. Its Kickstarter campaign shattered records, pulling in almost $8.8 million from over 291,000 donators around the world. It’s an incredible achievement that was record-breaking at the time.

The concept is fairly simple. Players are gathered around, pulling in cards from the deck. If they draw the ‘exploding kitten’ then the game is lost because the kitten will figuratively explode in their face.

While the image is gruesome, it’s playing along the lines of the game’s humor. Of course, there are several more cards in the deck that make the game interesting and fun. There are ‘defuse’ cards that cancel the ‘exploding kitten’, skip a turn, force other players to draw more cards which increases their risk of drawing the dreaded end, or the famous ‘nope’ card which cancels actions.

It’s very easy and highly addictive in its simplicity and entertainment value.

Now, all of that is arriving into the digital world. The same creators have recently launched an app that simulates Exploding Kittens onto the smartphone. It boasts the same qualities as the actual card game, only with the advantage of not having to purchase the physical deck. Instead, users will be required to pay the $1.99 for the app and they can enjoy it with their friends.

However, in holding with the original’s theme, it’s not playable across the internet. You cannot play with random people around the world. The multiplayer is not how it is for most smartphone games. In fact, players would still need to be next to each other to play the game together. It’s still “very much a party game” that uses a combination of Bluetooth and WiFi, so players may communicate with each other’s devices.

That way, there will be no connectivity issues to disrupt the game, data cost, or place some at a disadvantage.

The app also arrives with in-app purchases of avatars for those who want to further individualize their experience and it’s likely to add more cards over time. The app is still in its inception, with several bugs to be fixed, but it soared to the top of paid apps on the Apple App Store. And, soon, Android users will be getting the same cute explosive fun.

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